Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Change Messenger

I just participated in a teleseminar and realized that I have a new vocation: I am a Change Messenger. Maybe it’s not a new vocation, rather just a new name for my work or a clearer focus on what I’m already doing. Yes, I’m a minister, but really what my work is about is calling people to transform and change their lives through connecting with their Higher Power. On a smaller scale my work is about my own personal change…as I continue to change and evolve I have more insights to offer to others. On a larger scale, my work is about being a messenger to help facilitate change in the world. As individuals change—the world becomes a better place.

All of us are Change Messengers, not just teachers and ministers. As each of us transform our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, the world benefits. Our life transmits our message. What I’m also realizing is that each of us has our own unique message to share. My individualized message has to do with the Hero’s Journey and the Stages of Transformation that I’m writing about in my book Reel Transformation. What I am most excited about is helping people realize when they are being ‘Called’ and when they are wondering in the ‘Wilderness’ so that they can recognize that when they get fired or get divorced that something greater is really at work in their lives.

So what does this all mean? Well, I’m still working on figuring that out. I’m still looking for work in field ministry, but I’m also trying to open my mind to see if the universe is calling me to work in other realms as well. How else can I get my message out there for others to see or hear? Certainly finishing my book would be one way, this blog is another, but perhaps there are others as well. I remain open and receptive to the message and to God’s call.