Thursday, March 5, 2015

Identifying One's Personal Story

I received a wonderful email today from a reader of my book Reel Transformation: Your Life Now Playing.

      " Yesterday I was on the phone with my stepdaughter and shared with her some of the passages from your book that affected me profoundly.  The result was that she would like her own copy of the book. 
        The simplicity of your phrasing creates a clarity of thought that deeply impacts the reader.  I found myself thinking over and over again, “That’s me!  That’s my story!.”  
         Thank you for the words that identify my struggle.  I am stuck in the rut of habituation, living a mistaken identity, my inner dialogue has me stuck in self-doubt, and I am hanging out in the wilderness.
         Hopefully death and rebirth are not too far away.  I anxiously await transformation and the journey home.    The wilderness is not a fun place to be.

I agree Virginia, the wilderness is not a fun place to be, but isn't it wonderful to know that it is just a phase of transformation you are walking through and home is never far away. While I’m not thrilled that Virginia is in the wilderness, I am glad that my book could provide her with some insight into her journey and her personal story, and grateful she let me know how much my book has helped her. Thanks Virginia.

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